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Skylights and Solatubes to Brighten your Home

Kell-Chuck Glass is proud to feature top quality, energy-efficient products from these manufacturers.

CrystaLite Skylights

Natural light spilling from a CrystaLite skylight into an otherwise dark room makes living spaces much more inviting by being brighter, warmer, and appearing larger. Choose from domed, flat, fixed and opening models. See the entire product line at or call us at 360-491-5244.

Velux Skylights

Significantly reduce energy costs while experiencing all the
benefits of warm, natural lighting with skylights from Velux. Fixed, manually opening and electric opening styles are
available for pitched and flat roofs. Click on to see their products, or call us at 360-491-5244.


Tubular Daylighting Devices from Solatube can be installed in nearly any room, offering the natural lighting effect of a skylight even in rooms on he "dark" side of the house or without direct roof access. Go to for full details on their products, or call us at 360-491-5244.

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